Decorate Your Winter Blues Away!


winterThis time of year can be a bummer for some of us. The holidays are over, but it’s not quite spring yet, so where does that leave us? We have our eyes on the prize – warmer weather, sunny days, outdoor activities – but the weather is not ready to permit such activities. I understand the winter blues. If you too suffer from them, then I suggest you go with the flow and focus your energy on indoor decorating.

Winter decorating does not have to be so… wintery. It’s definitely time to put away the holiday decor. And just because it’s still dark and dreary outside, doesn’t mean your decor has to be. This is a great time of year to play with bright colors and fun patterns. Maybe not the bright florals of spring or the bold stripes of summer, but creamy whites, icy blues and piney greens. You still want to have cozy throw blankets around the house, but choose ones that have the bright, cheerful colors of the upcoming season.

Get a head start on spring cleaning so that when spring finally does roll around, you can go out and play rather than being confined to house projects. A little cleanout and purging combined with some fresh new “happy winter” accents is just what you need to fight the winter blues! Start with something easy like this 36” Ravella Ornament Leaf Border Area Rug that brightens up and refreshes your space, yet still provides a comfy tactile experience. I’m going to go ahead and call this kind of decor “Springter” decor – a combination of cozy winter textures with happy spring colors.


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