4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 3 – Closet Mania!


organize the closetFear not my friends, closets are easier than you think to organize. They have something going for them that you might not have thought of: they don’t have to be pretty. When you are organizing any other area of the home, you have to consider aesthetics, but with the closet, not so much. This allows you to search high and low for unused storage space and to make use of inexpensive storage items (plastic).
For many people, the hardest part about closet organizing is getting rid of stuff. I can’t tell you what to toss, but here’s a hint: chances are those jeans that don’t fit anymore are causing you more angst by taking up needed space than the fact that that they don’t fit anymore is. So ask yourself this question: “Do I want a closet that works for me or do I want to hang onto something that no longer (and may never) fit me again?” Basically, which is causing you more pain?

Now that we’ve gotten that nasty business out of the way, here is what works in the closet:
Vertical Space – the number one problem I see in messy, bulging closets is improper use of vertical space. If you have short hanging clothes with nothing being stored underneath them, that’s a problem. Easy Fix: Use closet rod doublers to double the storage space for shirts, skirts, slacks. If you don’t have enough to fill that area, then hang the short items on the existing rod, and use the space underneath for a chest of drawers (plastic is not pretty but affordable and easy), stacking bins, shelves or a medium height shoe rack.
The Right Shoe Rack – Shoes falling on the floor is a common complaint. A bar-style shoe rack works fine in the entryway, but in the closet shoes tend to fall through the cracks. Choose a rack with shelves or even bins or drawers to keep shoes in place for a clutter-free floor.
Accordion Hooks on Walls – If you have any open space on the walls, mount expanding hooks to hold everything from purses to belts and scarves. A coat rack works too but I like the accordion hooks better as they pack more storage per punch.
Over the Door Organizers – If you are not using the backside of your closet doors, you are missing out on some great storage potential. There are over the door organizers for everything these days, from shoes to accessories and even handbag organizers!
Tiered Hangers – Make use of tiered hangers for everything from blouses to skirts. Choose hangers with either clamps or a non-slip covering to reduce slippage onto the floor.
Shelf Dividers – for that overhead shelf, dividers can keep stacks of sweaters from falling over and off. Mesh bins can hold scarves and other accessories.
Dressers – I have a small bedroom so to eliminate that cluttered look in the room, I actually have placed my small dresser inside the closet with short garments hanging over it on the existing closet rod.

How do you keep your closet neat and tidy?


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