How to Display Kids Artwork


Kids Art on Clothespins
I’ve got 3 young children, and I know how difficult it can be to part with their countless masterpieces.
One way I deal with this dilemma is by a simple system of string and clothespins. I have these hanging over their beds and also in the playroom. All you do is tack a piece of twine or yarn to the wall and the artwork can be held up by clothespins – simple, cheap and easy! You can do as many levels as you like, adding to it over the years to cascade down to the floor if you want. The kids can move things around and easily do the hanging themselves.

Here are some other Ideas for storing/saving/using kids art:

  • Scrapbook – for the best of their art during those early years, a scrapbook is a great way to preserve the finest (and by that I mean cutest) pieces.
  • Under Bed Boxes – this is great for all types of schoolwork that they want to save and under bed boxes accommodate those large sheets of paper that don’t fit in files. Best of all it is under their bed, not out in the main part of the house.
  • Electronic Storage – scan art and save it to a hard drive, then give them a copy when they go off to college.
  • Wrapping Paper – When we had toddlers and one of those easels with large sheets of paper, we used their artwork (finger paintings) as wrapping paper for family gifts.
  • How do you deal with and sort through your kids’ artwork in your home?


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