Jewelry Rax – Featured Product of the Week (for Accessories-Lovers)


Jewelry RaxThis week’s featured product is the Jewelry Rax by American Innotek Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer. This handy rack gets high grades in design for several reasons: it incorporates both trays and long hanging storage options all in one piece! Usually you find one or the other (but not both): trays for the drawers or dresser top and necklace hangers for the wall, but this unique piece is designed to hold it all. This is a great way to keep your most frequently used jewelry right in the spot where you normally get ready in the morning, whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom or even in the closet. And you know what a more streamlined morning routine means, right? More time for you to enjoy coffee, workout or snooze.

Bonus Design Points Included For:
– Recessed Row of Hooks so Hanging Items Don’t Tangle
– Wall Mounted, Space Saving Design (Hardware and Tape is included for Mounting)
– Inexpensive
– Trays Lined in Tarnish Resistant Material
– Pretty White and Burgundy Color Scheme
– (Would Make a Great Valentine’s Day Gift)
– Lightweight, Easy to Clean Plastic

Check Back with us next Wednesday for more great products we’re finding!


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