Winter Cozy Corner


winterAfter a brief tease of spring-like temps, it’s back to winter here. So what to do when you are stuck inside even though the sun may be shining outside? Why, get cozy, of course!

Here is your get-cozy list for this winter:

Throws – Nothing says winter cozy like a throw blanket or two. Keep stacks of them next to the sofa, or rolled up in a basket in the corner of the living room for on-the-spot warmth and comfort.

Excessive Amounts of Pillows – To fall back into a heap of pillows on your bed or sofa is coziness at its wintery best!

Tea – My favorite tea servers are the kind with a small teapot that sits on top of the cup. This ensures at least two rounds of hot tea per sitting.

Baking – I love to bake, especially with the kids, when the weather outside is yucky. It gives you something to do for an hour or so when normally you would be scratching your head (or your eyes out) over what to do. Choose a cozy cookie, coffee cake or scone recipe and make a tea-party out of it!

Entertainment – When you can’t go outside to play, games, movies, puzzles and books are a must-have (whether you have kids or were once a kid yourself).

Fire – If you don’t have a fire in your home, there are instant gel-fuel and electric fireplaces available to get you started, or you can create the same ambiance with candles.

How are you getting cozy this winter?

Photo by David Blackwell via flickr.


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