Healthy Kitchen Makeover


Lemon JuicersWas one of your New Years resolutions to give your diet a healthy overhaul? Stay on track by replacing your usual meals with healthier versions or supplementing your diet with vitamin-rich snacks. Use these fun and functional kitchen gadgets to help you get started.

Whether you need to make exact measurements for baking or are looking to create healthy portions at dinnertime, a food scale can be a great way to keep things in check. This scale comes with an easy to use function that will subtract the weight of the container for an accurate count every time.

Replace heavy salad dressing and sauces by substituting them with the lighter touch of lemon. Make a refreshing salad dressing with lemon and a little olive oil, or bake some fresh fish or chicken breast flavored with lemon. Adding flavor without the calories is easy when you use a lemon squeezer to quickly and easily juice a fresh lemon. You can even use fresh lime or orange juice to add a sweet but acidic flavor to your favorite meals.

Looking to add some easy to use kitchen appliances that can help you make healthier meals? A countertop Panini grill is great for making more than just sandwiches. Use this nonstick grill to make everything from chicken to grilled vegetables, without adding the unnecessary calories of cooking oil. A juicer is another great way to ensure you’re getting all the fruits and vegetables you need. Make juices with everything from carrots to apples to create delicious and health conscious drinks that are sure to get your morning off to the right start.

By stocking up on these kitchen tools you can help yourself turn your New Years resolution into a reality.