Photos in Limbo


Accordion Photo KeeperA month or two after the holidays, I always feel like I have been bombarded with stacks of new photos! Like it or not, these pictures are simply not going to make it into frame or album for a few more months to come. So I have a few boxes on hand just for these photos in limbo. Photo boxes are an inexpensive organizing tool and are also quite often pretty. As much as I want to frame every photo of the kids, there are simply too many to make that happen. The photo box allows me to keep those precious shots without the immediate pressure of having to display them. I also like to keep these excess photos to give away to family and I like to think the kids might want to take them with them someday into adulthood.

Here are some great tools for keeping those pictures that you simply can’t part with, but that you also don’t have time (or room) to frame:

  • Accordian Style Photo Organizer – Keepsake Keeper – This is a great tool because it has built in dividers. You may want to keep a whole year’s worth of pictures in here, each divided monthly, or you may choose to divide it up by event. They also can be used to hold various awards and school work for the kids, maybe one box per child?
  • Iris Photo Keeper with 6 Photo Cases – Ideal for viewing and storing, these clear plastic boxes hold 100 4 x 6 photos (600 total). These are perfect for moms, dads and even for kids once they get into the teen years.
  • Flora Paper Box – On the desk or dresser top, a pretty box like this keeps pictures and keepsakes stored and within easy reach.
  • How do you deal with excess photos in your home?


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