For the Bathroom Short on Storage


Pedestal SinkI love the look of a pedestal sink in the bathroom. We have a powder room downstairs with one. The only problem is that while pretty, these sinks are lacking (or, to be more accurate, 100% useless) when it comes to storage. Since it’s just a quick-stop restroom, we don’t need makeup, medicine or hair products in there, but we do need to keep extra toilet paper and towels handy. And there are tools to consider as well (plunger, toilet brush).

Here are some simple solutions to add storage to your bathroom while still keeping the look fresh and tidy:

  • Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders – Pick one with extra roll capacities and a magazine rack. That takes care of 3 issues right there, all in one compact unit. And as a bonus, they require no drilling in the walls and it’s easier for the kids (and everyone else for that matter) to replace an empty roll – no excuses!
  • Fully Concealed Toilet Brushes and Plungers – This is a must in bathrooms with no cabinets, as no one wants to look at an exposed plunger. My favorite is the Toilet Brush and Plunger Caddy which houses both in one neat, small and discreet container, perfect for the corner of the washroom.
  • Storage Steps, like the KidKraft Step and Store Stool do double-duty, offering hidden storage for you and a boost for toddlers.
  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers and other wall accessories reduce the need for cabinet and counter space.
  • Lidded Baskets – A small basket with a lid can hold any additional items you may need to keep in the powder room, for example personal care items, extra soaps and room freshening sprays.
  • Or, you could always do what we did back in the day: Velcro a fabric “skirt” around the pedestal sink to hide items underneath~


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