Must Have Travel Gadgets


Whether you’re looking to escape winter weather with a tropical getaway or already planning your spring break family vacation, there are a few must have travel gadgets you’ll never travel without again.

Luggage Scale by Taylor Precision
For anyone who likes to buy souvenirs or do a little shopping while on vacation a luggage scale is essential. It might not seem like a must have item when you’re packing, but you’ll wish you had brought one when you find yourself at the airport with an overweight bag. Look for a compact luggage scale that won’t take up much room and you can ensure you save yourself both time and money at the airport.

Black Strap and Three Neon Black TSA Padlocks
Keeping luggage safe while on the go can be difficult with new airport regulations, but by using locks that are TSA approved you can ensure your luggage is safe, but still accessible for screening at the airport.

Anywhere Travel Neck Pillow
Traveling can be exhausting and whether you’re going on a long car trip or a short flight, having something on hand to make yourself a little more comfortable can feel like a real luxury. The Anywhere Travel Neck Pillow folds flat for an easy to pack design that sets it apart from other bulkier neck pillows.

Personal Padded Media Case
With cameras, cell phones and GPS devices there’s no end to the gadgets you have to pack. Make sure everything stays protected while in transit with a padded bag like the Personal Padded Media Case. Sewn in interior straps keep electronics in place, while cord directors help keep things from getting tangled.

Fat Cat Charge Card by Mango
Don’t know what you’d do without your phone? Then it might be a good idea to travel with a portable charger. The Fat Cat Charge Card provides portable power wherever you go, so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to charge your phone.

For a weekend trip or one that takes you across the globe, make sure you have the right travel accessories to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch!

Shopping Guide:

  • Luggage Scale by Taylor Precision
  • Black Strap and Three Neon Black TSA Padlocks
  • Anywhere Travel Neck Pillow
  • Personal Padded Media Case
  • Fat Cat Charge Card by Mango
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