Going TV Stand(less) – Product of the Week


Tempered Glass DVD Wall ShelfIf you are ready to go completely “Stand-Less”, as in no more TV Stand, this will make your life easier in an instant! Many people are choosing to mount their flat screen televisions on the wall these days. But most of us still use a TV stand for storage and mainly as a place to set the DVD player, stereo and receiver. If you can do without the storage, why not mount a sleek, modern shelf, like this Tempered Glass DVD Wall Shelf to the wall to hold your components and ditch the TV stand?

It keeps up with the contemporary feel that a wall mounted flat panel TV gives to a room and can easily be moved or removed as needed. If you still need some storage for your DVD or Blu-ray collection, consider a smaller media stand or cabinet at the side or corner of the room. This is a great way to open up the living room, particularly if you are short on space.

Feel too empty without your TV stand?
Two end tables or a coffee table against the wall under the television give storage and display space without looking bulky and cluttered.

This wall mounted shelf is also available in white and as a double wall shelf. A great way to modernize your entertainment area!


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