Kids Sports Stuff – Tips for the Season

6 Bin Storage Shelf CubbyWith Softball just starting up in our area this weekend, I am reminded last soccer season and all of the stuff that these extra-curricular activities bring into the home. You’ve got cleats, shin guards, uniforms, huge socks, and three kids…what do you do with them to prevent yourself from going bananas looking for little Suzi’s shirt or little Fred’s guards ten minutes before a game?

We tried many methods: A big plastic bin to dump everything into, special sports uniform drawers in the dresser, and even keeping all of the equipment in the car (don’t know what we were thinking with that one since you can’t really get dressed in the car).

What ended up working best for us was using a basket for each kid underneath their backpack hook to hold ALL of their sports and extra-curricular equipment. It makes sense to them because they’ve got their backpack hanging on the wall with school stuff, and right underneath it a basket with non-school stuff. Even my five year old boys were on board with this. When we said “Get ready for practice!” they knew exactly where to go to find their soccer equipment (putting it on was another story).

Here are Some More Tips on Organizing Kids Sports Equipment:

  • Label, label, label – Label their equipment and clothes, and also label their baskets and hooks to avoid confusion with friends and siblings.
  • Nailpolish – (huh?) – Nailpolish is great for color-coding similar looking clothes and shoes. For example, I have three kids that are only 1 year apart in age (total), so their cleats are almost exactly the same size. “Almost” being the key word here. A swipe of nailpolish on the bottom of matching cleats makes sorting easier on everyone.
  • As they get older, you may notice that the list of activities has grown. In this case a cubby system with multiple baskets is a must.
  • Signage – Just as you would with a young student, a small chart with a picture (or list) of all the items they need to remember to get themselves ready for practice gives them great independence and pride, and takes a little bit of pressure off of you!
  • Shown above: 6-Bin Storage Shelf

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