Ending the Battle with the Bathroom Sink


Personal Organizer with DrawersIt would seem like having a lot of counter space in your bathroom would be a good thing. You say to yourself, a pedestal sink is so pretty but it is so much more sensible to have a counter. Until the day you don’t have a counter anymore because it has been overtaken!

It all starts out feeling harmless. A soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, maybe a jar with cotton swabs. You congratulate yourself because you hung the hairdryer on the wall. But then the lotions and potions, your husband’s aftershave, a candle, and a few hair products arrive. More and more things show up and eventually you realize that convenient counter space really just became another surface to over-clutter.

The first thing to assess is why those items are on the counter. Is it because you use them every day and need them to be easily accessible? Probably. I won’t tell you to put them in a cabinet because we all know where they’ll end up again. So you need a solution that both utilizes the convenient counter space and keeps it from getting out of control. I personally am a fan of bathroom organizers that use vertical space or tiers. An organizer with steps is ideal because less space is used, and they make it easier to access items in the back. Another great way to free up counter space while keeping your toiletries accessible is to use a wall mounted organizer next to the sink. You get the same convenience, and much less counter clutter!

And if you can, try to put the things you don’t use every day into a cabinet. Having your bathroom sink de-cluttered will remind you of why you wanted that nice spacious countertop in the first place!

Shown above: Personal Organizer with Drawers


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