A TV Stand to Stand Up to March Madness…


Asher 50I consider myself to be a pretty avid basketball fan, particularly college basketball. So I am not sure what my excuse was last year when I was woefully underprepared for the year’s biggest basketball tournament, the NCCA Final Four. It all started when I basically ignored the regular season and had no idea which teams were looking strong heading into the tournament – my bracket ended up being a total mess. To make matters worse, I had no idea what weekend the first round of the tournament was, so my media stand was a mess and terribly inadequate for the task at hand. I did not have time to upgrade my stand in time for the big game, so we were left watching the game on a fold out table!

To be fair, I had just moved into my new apartment in the middle of February, which did not give me much time to get prepared for the year’s March Madness festivities. However, this year I have no excuse to have an underwhelming media stand. With great storage and display for my media items, plus an attractive wood construction, the Asher 50” TV stand is perfect for the job! I purchased it a few months ago in anticipation of the Super Bowl, during which it performed admirably.

So now that I have my media stand ready for the long-haul that is March Madness, and I have studied up all season on the powerhouses and the Cinderalla-stories I think I am ready. This year looks to be one of the best tournaments in recent memory (though it was hard to top last year’s, shame it was watched on a wobbly TV!).


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