Organization on Ice


FreezerWhen it comes to making food last, I’ve long been a fan of the freezer. Whether it’s bread or pasta sauce, freezing food can be a great way to make sure you always have certain items on hand. Frozen sliced bread simply has to be toasted to be ready to make a sandwich, and hard cheese is actually easier to grate when frozen. For those little cans of tomato paste that you’re never able to use up all at once, I like to put individual spoonfuls in a plastic bag and freeze them so I have the exact amount I need ready to go next time I have a recipe that calls for it. It’s also nice to have frozen vegetables around, like peas or broccoli, to make any meal healthier.

What this has meant for my freezer though is that it is always a disorganized mess of bags and containers falling out every time I open it. It was time to get my freezer organized, but first I had to find the right storage. Making the best use of space is important when organizing a small area like your freezer, so finding stacking storage is important. Unlike a closet where you can use a storage bin with a lid, it was also important that organizers provided easy access to the contents. This means the best storage solution is bins with an opening in the front that also has a lip to keep things contained. By adding stacking storage bins I can use each one for storing a different type of food. Now I have one bin for bread and one bin for vegetables. The front opening allows me to reach in and grab whatever I need without having to dig through my entire freezer.

Keeping your freezer well stocked isn’t just convenient for cooking, it’s also more energy efficient to have a full freezer. Now I can get the most out of my pantry and not worry about an avalanche of food every time I open my freezer.


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