Color for the Patio (When the Flowers Aren’t In Bloom)


Outdoor Accent Pillows - Set of 2Is it just me or does it seem like winter will never end? Today is the first day of spring, so even though it is pouring rain outside right now, I refuse to give into this winter nonsense anymore. Time to start planning the garden, patio and other outdoor areas for me so that I’m ready when the clouds break! Adding color to the patio can be as simple as planting annual blossoms in small pots or along a path border. But this early in the season can be risky, with frosts still expected in much of the country. A great way to get around this is by using colored outdoor fabric accents in your outdoor space, as seen on this week’s featured product, a budget friendly Set of 2 Outdoor Accent Pillows. This way when the bad weather breaks here and there for a few days, you can pop these cushions out and set them on a bench or chair to cheer up the space.

Here are some additional ways to incorporate outdoor fabric into your backyard for a pop of color:

  • Make an outdoor rug using a painter’s canvas drop cloth and satin paint. Play with stripes and patterns using masking tape for a finished living area outside.
  • Outdoor “Curtains” – A panel hung from a drapery rod against the wall of the house or off of a pergola works to add privacy or simply to define a space.
  • Play with cushions all over the place – an oversized pillow on the deck for kid-friendly lounging, colorful chaise lounge pillows – anything counts as long as it comes in a color that makes your patio a relaxing, refreshing or calming place to be!
  • Sun shades can be made easily using outdoor fabric in your choice of colors, aim for an offset triangle or other modern shape and hang it from three tree branches to extend shade, or attach it to metal stakes to create a new shady area in the yard.
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