A Workable Home Office


Whether you work from home or not, a workable home office that has a touch of your style helps to keep you cheerful and on task while you do work of any kind! And it also allows your office to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home, a must when space is at a premium. So take the time to tidy your desk once or twice a week, and bring in a vase of flowers or a potted plant from time to time to lighten the mood. In addition to those quick fixes, you can add stylish desk organizers and other pieces that work within your budget to create an office look that’s all your own.

Leather Journal
Brighten up any office space with a splash of color. These Leather Journals are available in springy and bright hues and make a dull pad of paper a thing of the past. Plus this way you can take your lists with you, stashing in your purse!

The Classic Office:

Leather Journal
This classic desk set is updated with eco-friendly materials and a workable price point. Best for large workspaces or desks with little (or no) storage built-in.

Transitional Treasures:
Victor Tidy Tower Organizer
To update the look in your office slightly, clean lines and a mixture of materials (wood and glass) enhance your space with organization and elegance.

A Feminine Touch:
Vinea Magnetic Bin
Collections with feminine appeal, like the Vinea Organizers Collection, cheer up the space while providing much needed storage in all the right places (magnetic bins for the file cabinet, desktop sorters and more).

Whimsical Accents:
A to Z Bookends
Once you’ve covered the basics and are organized, a few whimsical touches here and there add much needed character to what is otherwise just a serious business space.

Office Shopping Guide:

  • Leather Journal
  • 7 Piece Brown Eco-Friendly Leatherette Desk Set
  • Victor Tidy Tower Organizer
  • Vinea Magnetic Bin
  • A to Z Bookends
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