What’s New in Lighting Your Home (for under $100)


It really can’t be said too often that changing up the lighting in your room’s decor is one of the easiest ways to get a new, refreshing look. Fortunately, next to a good dose of new paint on the walls, it is also one of the most affordable.

Here’s what’s new in lighting, with each piece ringing in under $100* to keep you on budget:

Fedora Ceiling Pendant
Pendant Lights offer a unique opportunity to drop light down (literally), highlighting a particular area such as a kitchen island or dining room table. The Fedora Ceiling Pendant has great color too, and features a soft glowing red when lit from within.

Continuity Ceiling Lamp
The ultra modern is a welcome accessory in many homes these days. As seen with the Continuity Ceiling Lamp here, which is perfect for use in the home’s entryway, bathroom or dining area.

Yoko Table Lamp
Color is an easy fix for drab decor. These affordable Yoko Table Lamps come in aqua blue, aqua green and silver. The paper shade diffuses light and softens the colors just a bit.

Viko Modern O Table Lamp
A Statement Piece – Thanks to either its ultra-retro design or its vibrant color choices (or a little of both), the Viko Modern O Table Lamp is an easy choice for statement piece lighting in the living room, home office or bedside.

Zone Lamp
Asian Influence can be seen throughout the Zone Lamp which updates the classic square paper shade with a more modern cylindrical design. Available as a floor or table lamp.

Shop Our Lamps:

  • Fedora Ceiling Pendant
  • Continuity Ceiling Lamp
  • Yoko Table Lamp
  • Viko Modern O Table Lamp
  • Zone Lamp
  • *Pricing Subject to Change.


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