Spring Cleaning On the Brain…


I can’t speak for spring-weather, but like it or not, friends, spring cleaning is just around the corner. Why not make it easier on yourself this year? I have a spring cleaning tradition which is to add one special tool to my cleaning arsenal each year. Sometimes I go for an eco-friendly option, sometimes for a new appliance like a steam cleaner, and sometimes I keep it simple with a new home-made natural cleaner (vinegar with a few drops of your favorite essential oil is a favorite of many).

Here are some great tools to make cleaning your home in the spring (and year-round) easier, cheaper and more earth-friendly:

QuantumReach - Versatile Broom and Duster
The QuantumReach Versatile Broom and Duster has an adjustable head and extends to reach underneath sofas, tables and up to the ceiling. It comes complete with interchangeable pads for a variety of chores.

Microfiber Glass Cloth
Clean and dust without chemicals and without overusing disposable paper products with these popular Microfiber Glass Cloths. When you are done, simply toss them in the wash for reuse later on.

Compact Canister Steam Cleaner
A Steam Cleaner is one of the most handy, eco-friendly cleaning appliances you could ever invest in, and they are less expensive than you think. I like the Vornado Air Compact Canister Steam Cleaner because it is easy to take with you from room to room. Offers 45 minutes of continuous high pressure steam for cleaning plus attachments for getting into tiny nooks and crannies.

Another must-have cleaning tool is a telescoping pole, which is great if you have high ceilings inside, or for use outside on cobwebs and dust (which a hose often just makes a bigger mess out of).

EZ Faucet - Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet
And after all of your hard work, prevent germ buildup in the kitchen with a Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet. Works on your existing kitchen sink faucet!

Shopping Guide:

  • QuantumReach – Versatile Broom and Duster
  • Microfiber Glass Cloth
  • Compact Canister Steam Cleaner
  • Tele-Pole
  • Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet
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