Wall Mounted Drying Rack – Product of the Week


Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying RackWith the weather warming up, air-drying your laundry takes center stage! This week’s featured product calls on a space efficient design and sturdy construction to make the grade (and better). The Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying Rack looks just like a simple, wall hugging towel rack when it is recessed. But with a simple sliding action, it becomes a laundry drying wonder with 26 feet of drying space. Eight bars pull out to hang anything from towels to delicates, linens and more. The materials are durable and rust resistant, ready for use inside or outside the home. As we all know, drip drying laundry helps take a load off the environment, and preserves clothing for longevity.

Here are some ways to enjoy this wall mounted clothes drying rack:

  • Swimming Gear and Beach Towel Drying Rack – With three young children in our home, we use beach towels and swimsuits in all of the warm months. Usually they end up hanging on the deck rail to dry. While this is an efficient method, it messes up the tidy outdoor living space I’m going for out there. A wall mounted laundry rack like this is a great option to keep on the deck or even on the sunny side of the house. Mount it where kids can reach it and in the winter, simply collapse it against the wall for storage.
  • Drying Clothes Outside – Using the power of mother nature to dry some of your clothes and linens outside the home helps the earth and saves on energy costs.
  • In the Laundry Room – In cooler months (or year-round), a wall mount drying rack can be placed right above or to the side of your washing machine to hang delicates or even hangers with blouses and other non-dryables.
  • Gain More Space in the Bathroom – Used in the bathroom, this handy rack can hold a towel or two when the drying space is not needed, and then when it comes time to air dry some clothes, you can very easily pull the extra drying space out.
  • RV – A great solution for RVs!
  • Shared Living – Sending a youngster off to the dorms this year? This handy wall dryer will keep them organized and in clean clothes for the term.
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