Get more “Zen” out of your Garden Decor


Whether you are are a student of meditation or simply like an Asian-inspired space to relax, there are ways to make any outdoor living space more “Zen”. You don’t have to say “om” or even incorporate Buddha into your design. Simple swaps for items you already have in the yard can be made for a more calming, spa-like feel.

Here are the Best in Asian-style Garden Accents for the Home:

Set of 3 Rock Cairns
Rock Cairns guide your way through the garden with peace and ease. Purchase or make your own!

Teak String Mat
This teak string mat is a simple upgrade to a doormat, and can be used at the sliding door, entry to a gazebo or even simply at the foot of a pathway.

3' Cedar Plank Bridge
Whether you have a koi pond or not, an ornamental garden bridge can be used anywhere in the yard to create a wandering path for communing with nature.

Portland Sound Floor Fountain
The sound of running water is integral to all Eastern design, and can easily be achieved with the help of a freestanding fountain. This one has lights for additional ambiance.

Silk Effect Solar Lanterns - Bronze Garden Lanterns
Don’t forget the lighting! These solar lanterns hang from the trees, highlighting your natural space while providing a cool, calm experience into the evening!

Zen Garden Shopping Guide:

  • Set of 3 Rock Cairns
  • Teak String Mat
  • 3′ Cedar Plank Bridge
  • Portland Sound Floor Fountain
  • Silk Effect Solar Lanterns – Bronze Garden Lanterns
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