Finally, a Shoe Rack for Boot Lovers


Adjustable Boot-Shoe TreeWhy hasn’t anyone thought of this before? We ladies love our boots, and so does this week’s featured product! The Adjustable Boot-Shoe Tree can hold up to 6 pairs of boots, or a combination of boots and shoes (3 pairs of boots plus 12 pairs of shoes). With a customizable design, this shoe and boot rack is the ultimate in versatile apparel organizers, taking you through the fall and winter months with ample space for your tall boots, and then allowing you to swap some of that boot storage out for shoes when the weather heats up and the flats and sandals come out.

The makers of this shoe rack have thought of everything:

  • Boot Shapers Included – This rack comes with six pairs of boot shapers to reduce those sagging wrinkles that are so common when you store your boots upright and then they fall over.
  • Revolving Shoe Racks – Each rack moves independently, which makes this shoe rack a great choice for using in the corner of the closet – you can reach items in the back easily by simply swiveling your chosen shelf around.
  • Customizable – Remove one of the upper shoe racks to accommodate tall boots and then place it back on the rack when it comes time to accommodate more of your pumps, heels and flats.
  • Easy Shoe Hooks – Storage on this rack couldn’t be simpler, shoes simply hang upside down over the bent metal hooks.
  • Sleek, Modern Look – Shiny silver is an easy style choice, perfect for today’s modern closets and bedrooms. It could even be used out in the open in a foyer, mudroom or hall without being an eye-sore.
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