Graduation Gifts get a Modern Twist


Whether you are attending a high school or college graduation ceremony, the same old standard graduation gifts still apply in today’s world. Just be sure to check out these finds to make sure your gift is still relevant in the modern world:

Ladies Computer Handbag
Briefcases are still a great gift for grads, just make sure it is designed to safely transport a laptop, which is an essential part of any student or professional’s world. This one has a feminine design and looks just like a handbag!

Dozer Backpack
And for the guys, the same rules apply. Manufacturer’s are stepping up to the challenge with laptop friendly backpacks – great for high-schoolers going off to college or professionals in an urban setting.

Rockland 19
Help your child see the world, or simply make it back home for those three day weekends with an appropriately sized and stylish piece of luggage, like the Rockland 19″ Pink Rolling Trunk.

BUNN My Cafe Velocity Brew Pourover Commercial Grade Pod Brewer
Coffee has always been a part of college and its after-life, and pod brewers, like the BUNN My Cafe Velocity Brew Pourover Commercial Grade Pod Brewer, are all the rage now. Great for those who are just starting out on their own!

Saber LED Desk Lamp
The Saber LED Desk Lamp can be taken into the dorms or into the office. LED lights and an ultra modern look keep up with today’s eco-friendly and style-concerned generation.

Graduate Gift Guide:

  • Ladies Computer Handbag
  • Dozer Backpack
  • Rockland 19″ Pink Rolling Trunk
  • BUNN My Cafe Velocity Brew Pourover Commercial Grade Pod Brewer
  • Saber LED Desk Lamp
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