Does Your Office Moonlight as a Guestroom? No Problem.

Brenton DaybedThis week's featured product helps you achieve the balance between office and guest room elegantly. When setting up a home office, you want it to be sophisticated, fresh, neat, tidy and stylish. So what do you do when your home office doubles as a guest room for out-of-towners? Futons and daybeds offer a simple fix for this dilemma. Instead of placing a whole bed in the office (when it will only be used sporadically), start with a sofa-like sleeper to give you a sitting area during the day, and a sleeping area at night.

The Brenton Daybed with Trundle fits the bill perfectly. This day bed has a classic look, with a faux brown leather upholstery and dramatically arching back and arms at its sides. You almost can't tell that the twin mattress is a even a mattress at all, making it a perfect choice for your daytime sofa. This model comes with a trundle as well so that you can easily accommodate two guests. Dress it up with a variety of textures, colors and patterns in the form of throw pillows and linens to complete the sofa-like look, and also to add support for the back when using it as a sitting area.

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