End of School Year Clutter Control – Kids Storage Breakdown


Are you ready for the summer? I sure am, but I wasn’t quite ready for all of the wonderful “stuff” my kids would bring home from school on the last day. And let’s face it, the package that comes home on the last day of the school year is the good stuff. It’s not the day to day worksheets that “accidentally” end up in the recycle bin throughout the year (oops!). These are the keepers (at least for another year).

Start by hanging new artwork on the walls of their room. Think of the art that kids bring home as free room decor. Choose the biggest, bold-colored pieces for them to enjoy. Next, weed out any books, whether they are decodable readers (recycle?), books made by the student, or portfolios. These should go on a bookcase in their room. And lastly, any unfinished workbooks or sheets tossed in there by the teacher should be kept where they normally do their homework. (But ONLY if you actually think they will do those sheets during the summer. Otherwise, do yourself a big favor and recycle them now.)

Wicker Night Stand Basket
When looking for a storage vessel for your kids masterpieces, think big. For artwork, 8 1/2 x 11 is probably not going to work. This oversized Wicker Night Stand Basket does the trick at over 22″ x 15″. And it’s pretty, perfect for leaving out in plain view.

Iris Under Bed Storage Drawer
The space underneath a child’s bed is an ideal choice for schoolwork storage. The wide-side is the front on this Under Bed Plastic Drawer, making it a cinch to get large pieces of art in and out.

KidKraft Kids Nantucket Storage Bench
Incorporate storage furniture, like the Kids Nantucket Storage Bench, into their room. It does double duty, offering a place to sit and ample storage for toys and school work.

Flora Paper Box
For all of those awards, which usually are printed on regular sized paper, a pretty box, like the Flora Paper Box is a great choice! That way your child doesn’t feel like he or she has to part with these seemingly endless certificates, but they also don’t have to wallpaper their room with them.

9-Compartment Office Organizer
A standard paper storage rack, like this 9 compartment organizer, goes a long way toward organizing school work. Keep it in the closet or on the desk to give your little one frequent access to their proud achievements!

How do you deal with schoolwork storage in your family?