Not Your Grandma’s Picnic Basket – Modern Picnic Gear for Summer Fun


With health front and center in our minds lately, many of us are discovering the benefits of simply getting outside! And nothing says outside fun in the summer like a picnic. Luckily, this happy change in pace for people has coincided with an upgrade in picnic gear that makes outdoor eating easier for all!

Here are our picks for the best in Picnic Gear:

Mesh Pop-up Food Covers
Flies be gone! These Mesh Pop-up Food Covers are simple to use and fold down, taking up almost no space in your picnic basket. Plus, they allow you to sit back and relax without worrying about swatting those bugs away!

Entertainer Hot & Cold Food Carrier
The Entertainer Hot & Cold Food Carrier is great for picnics and all of those potlucks you are invited to this time of year! The top is lined to contain liquid spills, and the bottom section can hold a casserole dish up to 11″ x 15″!

Tailgater Picnic Set for Four
When shopping for a new picnic basket, backpack and rolling styles are trendy and, let’s face it, easier to take on a hike than an actual basket. Look for one that accommodates at least 4 people, like the Tailgater Picnic Set for Four to cover all of your summer picnicking needs.

Outdoor Blanket - Water Resistant by Tuffo
If you live anywhere with summer moisture, a picnic blanket should protect you from the ground, like the Outdoor Blanket – Water Resistant by Tuffo. Wool works as well, but tends to feel too HOT under the legs when the temperature is rising.

Roll-Up Travel Table by Picnic Plus
And for those fancier picnic venues, you can’t beat a portable table, like the Roll-Up Travel Table by Picnic Plus. This one is great for keeping in the trunk throughout the whole summer season, the kids can use it for drawing, you can use it for setting up your laptop on the go, and so on.

Enjoy yourself and get outside this summer!


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