Taking Baby Steps to a Modern Makeover


For years I’ve resisted furniture and decorative pieces that could be considered “modern” or “contemporary”.

tableI think my aversion to this style comes from growing up in the 1980’s. Remember what modern looked like back then? Very stark, sterile and cold. Black and chrome were the ultimate combination. What was modern then is now totally outdated.

Lately I’ve been looking at my furniture and thinking, am I stuck in a style rut? Has my avoidance of modern furniture made my house look like my grandmother’s? Perhaps I could just introduce a few pieces here and there to update my look. That way I won’t feel overwhelmed by committing to a specific style, one that not everyone can pull off.

But, I have strict criteria when it comes to modernizing my decor:
1. No black and no chrome.
2. Simplicity is good, but the piece should still have some character.
3. There should be an element of another style, like Art Deco or Rustic.
4. It should not look outdated in a few years, like modern furniture from the 80’s does.

When you’re redecorating any space, you need to start with an “inspiration piece”. It could be an accent piece like a pillow or area rug, or a furniture piece like a chair or console table. Whatever it is, it needs to encompass your whole theme. Everything you add will be an extension of this piece’s characteristics. You will draw from its color palette or unique design elements. It will keep you on track later on, if you feel confused about other furniture choices.

An inspiration piece should jump out at you immediately, like the Metal Spiral Accent Table by Holly & Martin did for me. First of all, it caught my eye. Then, when I felt that it was a little out of my comfort zone, I KNEW it was the piece. Why would I want something that feels a little bit risky? Because the whole point of this makeover is to take some risks and try something new. Otherwise, I’d just stay in my style rut. After checking off my criteria list and hitting all the points, all I had to do was “Add To Cart”!


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