Small Bathroom? Help is on the Way!


Small bathrooms can be frustrating for families, roommates and even single-dwellers! Let’s face it – a spacious, carefully organized bathroom takes a good chunk of the chaos out of the so-called “morning routine”. But don’t worry if a full-scale remodel is not in the works for you; there are still many things you can do to make your bathroom work better for you and the whole family.

Here, our best tips for dealing with small bathrooms:

Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo
The cabinet door itself provides a fresh dose of storage to a cluttered bathroom. This Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo is a wonderful tool, using both sides of the cabinet door to hold a hand towel, cleaning supplies, makeup or toiletries.

Toilet Tissue Valet
Multi-Tasking Bathroom Organizers, like this Toilet Tissue Valet are an absolute must! This bathroom accessory super-hero holds toilet tissue (plus extra roll), magazines and a hand towel on the back. It is also a great solution for bathrooms that have pedestal sinks, lacking the storage provided by a full vanity.

Stainless Steel Hair Dryer Holder
Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizers – Everything from toothbrushes to soap dispensers, and even hair dryers can find a home on the wall with the right tools. This frees up counter space and requires no drawer or cabinet storage area.

3 Piece Adjustable Curved Shower Rod Value Pack
Smart Shower Solutions: Small shower stalls get a boost from a curved shower rod, like the 3 Piece Adjustable Curved Shower Rod Value Pack. Other smart shower rods include double bars that air dry towels on one side and hold a hanging shower curtain on the other.

Morocco Spacesaver
And for everything else, an over-the-toilet etagere, like the Morocco Spacesaver simply can’t be beat. They come in every imaginable style, and are not permanent – great for renters and homeowners alike.

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