Bedroom Storage – Stylish and Savvy Solutions


Ideally, the bedroom should be a place of calm where you can go to relax. Yet often we find ourselves overwhelmed by clutter in there just as we are in other areas of the home. If you have already maxed out your closet space and are wisely utilizing the area underneath your bed for overflow, but still find yourself in need of storage, here are some stylish bedroom furnishings that double as storage vessels for everything from personal items to linens.

Make the most use of your nightstand. Look for one, like the “Myriad” Foliage Trunk End Table, that has built in storage and a versatile style. If you access items daily in your nightstand, however, choose one with drawers or even a cabinet door on the front to hide clutter but still provide ease of use.

Evo Wall Mount Desk
Working Late? Whether you are a student or a professional, chances are you at least occasionally find yourself in front of a computer screen before bed. The Evo Wall Mount Desk takes up no floor space and doubles as a bookcase or display rack when you do not need access to your electronics. It is also a modern choice and gender-neutral in style, great for couples to share.

Hardwood Espresso Finish Corner Ladder Bookcase
A tall, narrow bookcase, (and better yet one that fits in the corner of the room, like the Hardwood Espresso Finish Corner Ladder Bookcase), is the ultimate in space-efficiency, requiring just over 13″ of floor space but reaching six feet vertically for display and book storage.

angeloHOME Kent Wall Hugger Storage Ottoman
And a Storage Bench, placed at the end of the bed, lends a finished look to your bedroom and provides much needed storage. Choose from a variety of styles to suit both masculine (above) and feminine (below) tastes. Pictured here: angeloHOME Kent Wall Hugger Storage Ottoman in Chocolate Brown.

Shantung Skirted Storage Bench with Armrests
Refined and elegant, the Shantung Skirted Storage Bench with Armrests in Woodrose adds beauty and totally hidden storage to the bedroom.

Send us your storage dilemmas and we will help you choose the right course of action.


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