Healthy Meals in the Dorm – Back to School Solutions


Send your teen off to college with tools for healthy eating whether they are in the freshman dorms or sharing their first apartment as a sophomore.

Here are our finds for the best in Dorm Appliances this season (and how to use them):

Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer
The Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer takes healthy eating for students to a whole new level, with a rice bowl and 3 steamer baskets for cooking up fresh vegetables, fish and more. The base measures just 9.5″ x 7.5″ space-friendly, safe and fast.

3 in 1 Sandwich Panini and Waffle Press
Grill up healthy warm sandwiches full of veggies and proteins with the 3 in 1 Sandwich Panini and Waffle Press. Easy to use and non-stick, minimizing the need for added oils. For a slightly enhanced taste, a quick spray of cooking oil is all you need for a little extra flavor. Great for grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie paninis, hamburgers, breakfast items and more. Measures 9″ x 9.25″.

Apollo AP-200 Personal Size Blender
Whip up smoothies, milkshakes, cold coffee drinks and more with the Apollo AP-200 Personal Size Blender! Simply toss in half of a banana, yogurt, frozen berries and a splash of juice for a healthy smoothie. As your student’s culinary tastes mature, this blender accommodates by grinding herbs and pureeing soups!

Electric Hot Chocolate Maker
Ready to keep your student awake while studying or comfort him or her during cold weather, the Electric Hot Chocolate Maker does it all! This handy countertop appliance features a separate stirring mechanism and heating element, allowing you to mix up either cold or hot beverages depending on the season. Great for warming milk, tea, mixed coffee drinks and more! Includes an auto shut-off feature for safety.

Soup-A-Chef Electric Soup Maker
Soup in 30 minutes? Yes, please! The Soup-A-Chef Electric Soup Maker features a rapid heating element to cook, boil and simmer soup. A blade works dry or wet to blend, and this appliance doubles as a blender for smoothies! A great one to take with you throughout the college years.

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