Bed Bugs on the Brain – Back to School Solutions


SecureTravel Bedbug & Dustmite Proof Dorm KitWhen I went to college, bed bugs were still just a myth, part of a cute little saying that started with “Good Night, Sleep Tight…However, any parent sending their child off to the dorms nowadays probably has bed bugs on the brain. Not only do you not want your student to get bit, you probably don’t want them to bring these little pests back home to you on those treasured weekend visits.

Thankfully, this week’s featured product, the SecureTravel Bedbug & Dustmite Proof Dorm Kit has everything you need to protect your young student. Included with the set are a twin XL mattress zip up encasement, pillowcase and two special laundry bags to keep bugs at bay. They are also designed to help with dustmites, perfect for kids with asthma or allergies.

So if you are about to send your teen off to the dorms for the first time, and you’ve got bed bugs on the brain, arm yourself with these great tools to bring peace back to your mind.


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