Back to College Gift Guide – Something for Everyone!


Whether your student is off to the dorms for the first time or back to the community college for a sophomore year, a back to college gift is a great way to spur motivation and help out with the tools he or she needs to succeed!

Here are some gift ideas for college students of any age with several price points in mind to keep everyone covered:

Under $60:
High Voltage Laptop Bag
The High Voltage Laptop Bag is one of many trendy, fun and functional laptop bags with a modern messenger bag look. Find leather models, classic felt and canvas options to suit any taste.

Under $10:
OXO LiquiSeal Travel Mug
If your student hasn’t discovered coffee yet, it is probably just around the corner! A quality travel coffee mug, like the OXO LiquiSeal Travel Mug is a great investment with a small price tag and a truly welcome addition to your child’s study arsenal.

Under $25:
Laptop Lap Desk - Cool Channel Platform
Whether we parents like it or not, chances are our students are going to write some of those papers in bed or from the comfort of the couch! Might as well keep them safe with a lap desk, like the Laptop Lap Desk – Cool Channel Platform, that is specifically designed to protect your student and protect the laptop at the same time! A worthy investment at $23.99!

Under $50:
3rd Generation iPad Stand
And don’t forget those tablets! These handy devices are becoming more and more important in student studying and communications. This 3rd Generation iPad Stand keeps hands free for writing the old fashioned way while researching, or while taking a study-break with a favorite show or movie. And it is available in several color options to suit any taste.

Under $100:
College 40 17
Any modern student will tell you that a usable backpack must safely transport a laptop these days, like this College 40 17″ Laptop Day Pack. Also available are somewhat smaller packs which hold laptop computers up to 15″.

Luxury Gifts:
Rockland 3PC Metallic Polycarbonate/ABS Upright Set
To keep your student coming home month after month, a luxury suitcase set, like the Rockland 3PC Metallic Polycarbonate/ABS Upright Set, makes a wonderful gift! Available in fun, trendy colors and metallics plus black for the more serious crowd.


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