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Closet Organizing Kit Does the Work for You

By Michaela Strathman

Organization Kit by Honey-Can-DoThis week's featured product takes the guesswork out of closet organizing, especially for the younger crowd (sending a kid off to college, anyone?) The Organization Kit by Honey-Can-Do is an all-in-one clothing organizer for the bedroom, dorm, studio apartment and more.

Here is a breakdown of what is included with the set, and tips on how to use it:
-Over the Door Shoe Rack - this handy, space-efficient shoe organizer can hold more than just shoes. Use it to organize scarves, jewelry, accessories and even school or office supplies - a multi-tasker, for sure.
-Hanging Shelf Organizer - this hangs right over the closet rod, making use of vertical space in a more friendly manner, and allowing for folded jeans, sweaters, t shirts, or accessories.
-Four Drawers that slide into the hanging shelf organizer - great for containing accessories, jewelry or school supplies.
-Mesh Pop Up Hamper - easy to fold up when not needed, and also great for storing items besides laundry, for example sporting equipment.
-Mesh Laundry Bag - A must for any college student, laundry bags are the easiest to carry on those long treks to the central laundry room (or back home to mom.)

Make life easier with a tried and true closet or dorm organizing kit like this!

Posted August 9, 2013, filed in Organizing for Kids, Product of the week

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