Finishing Touches for the Garden and Patio


Although school starts in just days for many, there is still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy your personal outdoor space. This is the time of year to put those finishing touches on your garden, deck or patio. Here we’ve gathered some of best of this season’s outdoor decor and functional patio elements to give your outdoor space a finished look.

Stainless Steel Cube Planter
This Stainless Steel Cube Planter is the ultimate in modern, durable garden pots. Sleek and contemporary with a square shape, this planter brings a fresh look to the garden or patio.

Algreen Agua Rain Water Collection and Storage System with 50 Gallon Capacity
Collect water to reuse in your garden with the Algreen Agua Rain Water Collection and Storage System with 50 Gallon Capacity! This rain storage pot has a beautiful old world Mediterranean feel to it and adds a stunning pop of nature-inspired color to the garden.

Big Flatball Light
When looking to liven up an outdoor space, lighting is an absolute must. This Big Flatball Light comes with a charger and then glows at night with LED lights and multiple colors.

Mock Rock
Truly a “finishing touch” concept, the Mock Rock covers everything from cable boxes to sprinkler controls and more – leaving your garden with an all-natural look.

Portland Sound Floor Fountain
And nothing says calm like a fountain. This Portland Sound Floor Fountain has a modern Asian feel to it and lighting for increased ambiance in the garden.

Get out there and enjoy what’s left of summer!