Artisan Hand Vacuum… Product of the Week


Artisan Hand VacuumThat, ladies and gentlemen, is a vacuum. Quite possibly the most chic, elegant vacuum I have ever seen. When I saw it I had to feature it today. I just love how everything for the home, even cleaning products, is being made nowadays with serious regard to aesthetics. The Artisan Hand Vacuum by Kalorik takes an otherwise unattractive household appliance and brings it into the modern age with an updated, fresh look that is fit to be seen by guests and anyone who enters the home. No need to hide this “dust-buster” in the closet. Instead, keep it in the corner of the room, on the bottom shelf of an end table or even on the desktop for quick and easy small clean-up jobs. The charging base itself is a work of art, and available in three colors to match any decor.

This handheld vacuum proves that household cleaning items and appliances don’t have to be an eye sore anymore. Enhance every room in the home with similar finds including fancy toilet brushes and more!


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