Up your Decor Game in the Game Room


With football season officially underway and youth soccer in full swing, my house has that feeling of a sports bar mixed with a locker room (somewhat exciting and at the same time unfortunate). In other words, we’ve got sports coming out of our ears! If you’re not particularly interested in football (or baseball, or hockey, or basketball…) like me, that is all the more reason to create a sanctuary for your sports-loving family members. Call it a man-cave if you want, but I prefer to think of it as the “sports zone” of the house. Here are some fun ways to decorate and even include a bar with no plumbing required.

Football Helmet Neon Sculpture
Nothin’ says sports bar like a Football Helmet Neon Sculpture! This fun, bright decor piece is available in favorite team colors.

Martini Entertainment Bar
Give your sports zone the feel of a real bar with a no-plumbing-required Martini Entertainment Bar! Elegant and ultra modern to suit masculine tastes.

Sophisticates Black 3 Quart Ice Bucket
Keep drinks cool when entertaining football fantasy buddies with the Sophisticates Black 3 Quart Ice Bucket. An elegant classic updated with a contemporary look.

8 Ball Pool Room Neon LED Art Picture
A touch of retro feel softens the sports-themed look, enhancing the bar feel. This 8 Ball Pool Room Neon LED Art Picture is a stunning addition to any wall.

NFL Football Field Shaped Runner Area Rug
If all else fails, define the sports zone with an appropriately designed NFL Football Field Shaped Runner Area Rug. Fun for the whole family to enjoy!


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