Countdown to Fall…Tools to Make Yardwork A Breeze


Let’s Get Serious about Fall! Just 11 days away and one of our favorite seasons, there’s just something about fall. And there are leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. And other yardwork to do during this transition to winter. Here are some of the best fall yardwork tools to help you make the most of your work time spent out in the yard this season:

GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard
Prevention is key when dealing with gutters. Not only does the GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard save you time spent cleaning out those gutters down the road, it keeps your rain gutters in better condition, reducing rust issues for longer use. Like other gutter guards, this one keeps leaves and pine needles out but allows water to pass through. It remains hidden, however, fully inside the gutter for a neat and tidy look.

Push Lawn Sweeper for Light and Heavy Work
A true hero for the lawn, the Push Lawn Sweeper for Light and Heavy Work takes most of the need for raking out of fall. It picks up leaves, twigs and debris in one tenth of the time that a rake can, and even straightens grass blades for better mowing and a healthier lawn.

Flowtron Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder
And what to do with all those leaves? The Flowtron Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder makes mulch out of them for you to use around the garden, compost or discard in the yardwaste bin. It takes 11 bags of leaves and chops them into 1! Works with wet or dry materials.

Outdoor Grip Garden Rake
The Outdoor Grip Garden Rake is designed with comfort in mind with a soft grip handle and grip built into the head, great for those many hours spent out in the crisp air raking leaves.

Gutter Screen - Set of 5
And it’s hard to beat the old faithful, traditional Gutter Screen. Inexpensive, easy to install and does wonders for keeping leaves and needles out of the gutters to allow for better drainage and save problems with roofing and rafters down the road.

A little planning and right tools are all that you need to transition effortlessly into fall!


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