How to Revamp the Bedroom for Winter


Guest Post by Tiffany Faming

Winter is a great time to revamp your bedroom.
Traditionally in the winter you want to go with darker colors and heavier fabrics as opposed to the lighter designs you would use in the summer. Pick out your favorite color or pick a favorite painting and plan your entire room from there. You may want to paint, but you can get by without painting if your room has a neutral color base. As you plan out your room, it helps to have an overall design in mind or at least a basic color you want to go with. Some people will go with traditional deep reds or greens, but a dark purple or grey can also make great colors for your bedroom in the winter.

Purple Bedroom
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Change Your Bedding
One of the most important things you can change is your bedding. If you have a duvet cover like this one from Stacks and Stacks, you can put in a heavier blanket for the winter.

Then you can change the color scheme by choosing a throw to go over your duvet. This allows you to easily brighten and change the tone of your room. In addition to the throw you can choose some additional decorative pillows to brighten the room. You can also change your curtains, or make your own to find the perfect color and style. This approach is one of the easiest ways to revamp your room.

Winter Decor
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Add Winter Items to Your Room
Another way to revamp your bedroom is to bring small winter decorating touches to your bedroom. You can add snowflake decals to your mirror. You can also hang snowflake decorations to your drapes or in front of your window. You may also choose to hang a winter wall hanging such as a wreath or wooden wall hanging to your room. Look for wall décor that compliments the new colors that you are adding to your room. You can also add accessories like a quilt rack that allows you to both display and keep extra blankets handy in the cold weather.

Painted Bedroom
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Think About Paint
Another way that you can revamp your bedroom is to change the color of the accent wall in your room. Using an accent wall, allows you to easily repaint just one section of your room to match your mood or season. You can find a paint that matches your new bedding or compliments it. Find a few accessories like a bed tray to change the look and keep things functional. This will give you a bigger change without requiring you to purchase new furniture to create a new look.
Remember to choose a look that you love, find the perfect accessories, and then put it all together. If you want a bigger change, but you do not have much cash look to buy some used furniture pieces and refinish them for your bedroom. You do not need to spend a ton on revamping your bedroom if you shop the sales and plan wisely.

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