Wrapping Paper Organizers for Any Room


Wrapping Paper CartIn just 3 weeks, my office will be looking more like Santa’s workshop than the calm workspace it is supposed to be. Wrapping paper, bows, scissors and, if I’m lucky and can find it, tape will be strewn about the office until Christmas day. Every year we get many questions about the best way to keep gift wrap and its assorted accessories organized. We’ve gathered some tips and advice to help you get through the holiday season with a few bows and ribbons to spare for next year. So whether you go with a full size wrapping paper cart (shown here, $155 with free shipping*) or a simple corner of your closet, we’ve got a solution for you.

  • Hang It! This Gift Wrap Organizer features a clothes hanger style hook so you can squeeze it right into the closet. When in storage, keep it stored the narrow way, and when the holiday season hits, hang it on the back of your office door for easy access to all of your wrapping needs.
  • Store It! With a lidded plastic container like the Iris Gift Wrap Storage Box, you can even keep your wrapping paper out in the garage with little worry about moisture damage.
  • Hide It! Under the bed boxes are great for gift wrap storage, just make sure you choose one that is longer than your longest roll or wrap!
  • Get Creative! At the top of your closet on the existing shelf, store wrapping paper lying down and use bookends or sweater dividers to keep it in place. In the corner of your pantry, a cheap plastic (tall and narrow) garbage bin holds long rolls of gift wrap. Tape a gallon size zip up bag to the bin to hold bows and ribbons.
  • Bonus Tip: To keep little (and big) hands from wandering off with your wrapping center scissors, fasten them to your desk or wrapping station with 2-3 feet of tie-ties or ribbon.


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