Wine Glass Storage for the Holidays


Every year, we bring out our best wine glasses and champagne flutes to use multiple times throughout the holidays. And, almost every year, we break one of those glasses. At least the damage is a friendly reminder to properly store those pieces after the start of the New Year to help them make it through to another year.

Here are some of the best stemware storage cases for short and long term storage of your precious (or semi-precious) glasses:

Quilted Microfiber Stemware Storage - Holds 12 Wine Glasses
Perfect for goblets up to 4″ wide, the Quilted Microfiber Stemware Storage Holds 12 Wine Glasses of almost any size! The dark brown finish has a Thanksgiving vibe which is perfect since that is usually the first time of the season we pull out our special glassware. Each compartment measures approximately 3.9″W x 4.1″D x 9.75″H.

Fluted Stemware Storage Chest
And for the bubbly, a Fluted Stemware Storage Chest is designed specifically for champagne glasses. Tall and slim, each compartment measures 3.5″W x 3.5″D x 9.3″H. The cases is rigid for protection and a fun see-through window allows you to view contents inside without opening the box.

Deluxe Stemware Chest
And for the ultimate in durable, sturdy stemware storage, the Deluxe Stemware Chest is the way to go. A hinged lid and hard exterior offer the best protection for up to six glasses or goblets, with each compartment measuring 9″H x 4.5″W x 4.5″D.

Check back with us tomorrow for some special ways to make your holiday guests feel comfortable.


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