Go the Extra Mile for Guests this Holiday Season


Your holiday guests are traveling miles and miles to see you, why not meet them halfway? That is, with some extra TLC crafted out of things you might just have around your house.

Here are some great tips for stress-free hosting of holiday guests this year:

Teton Oak Leaf Wreath with Berries - Copper and Gold
Scented Candles: A quick, easy update to your decor with a few scented candles placed on the kitchen island or in the bathroom goes a long way toward enhancing the holiday mood for all in the home to enjoy. (Shown: Teton Oak Leaf Wreath with Berries – Copper and Gold, candles not included).

Linus Coffee Pod Organizer
Easy Access to Coffee: If you favor a pod style brewer, the Linus Coffee Pod Organizer keeps an array of delectable coffees at hand. If you prefer a more simple coffee maker with a timer, simply set and fill it the night before. Your guests won’t worry a bit about being the earliest riser in the house.

Hotel Style Luggage Rack

Guestroom Comforts:
This Hotel Style Luggage Rack is an affordable way to create a luxurious accommodation for your guests. Other ideas include a nightstand stocked with local newspapers, attraction guides and a bar of chocolate or your favorite candy. Bonus Tip: Place a label on the nightstand with your wireless access code.

Holiday Sophisticates Coco Twig Rectangular Serving Tray
Beverage Bar (day and night): A beautiful serving tray set on the kitchen counter or dining room buffet greets guests in the morning with juices and coffee sweeteners, and in the evening with a selection of wine, artisan sodas and bar equipment. This allows guests to truly make themselves at home without worry of pestering the hostess. (Shown: Holiday Sophisticates Coco Twig Rectangular Serving Tray)

Remote Control Organizer
Access to Electronics: In addition to offering your wireless access code, keep remote controls organized, in plain sight and label each with special instructions so you can keep your eye on the turkey without having to fuss with controls during the big football game.

Visit with us next weeks for tips on setting up a bar, last minute cleaning, and beautiful, new to the market Christmas decorations!


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