Pre-Thanksgiving Cleanup!


Artisan Hand VacuumOnly seven days to go! Get your home in party-ready shape by following our guide below. We have split up the cleaning over seven days so that you can focus on all things fun when the big day comes: family and turkey! The only thing we don’t mention is when to shop as everyone has different ideas about this. My personal favorite is to send my husband to the store with a very detailed list.


  • Finalize the Menu
  • Confirm with Guests what they are bringing
  • Make the official shopping list
  • Friday:

  • Polish Silver
  • Wash slipcovers on sofas and chairs if needed
  • Saturday:

  • Toss out old items from the fridge, and wipe down the shelves while you are in there
  • Wipe kitchen cabinet and appliance fronts
  • Clean the oven and stove

  • Sunday:

  • Rake Leaves, Sweep driveway, tidy front entryway
  • Iron Linens
  • Dust the house top to bottom (or at least anywhere guests will be)
  • Kids clean their bedrooms/play areas today
  • Monday:

  • Clean bathrooms, entryway and any cluttered surfaces (desk tops, counters etc)
  • Tidy the living room, dining room, any main living areas
  • Tuesday:

  • Vacuum carpets, shake rugs outside
  • Mop hardwood, tile and linoleum till it shines!
  • *note that you are doing the floors after the major cleaning days


  • Replace old candles with new ones where needed
  • Put out last minute touches such as air fresheners
  • Swap towels for fresh ones in the bathrooms
  • Bring out special dishes for entertaining and label serveware with a post-it that notes what food it will be used for
  • Set up the table, cloths and table decorations

  • T-Day:

  • By now all you should have to do is last minute tidying and keeping up after those dishes in the kitchen!
  • Also run a cleaning wipe across bathroom fixtures and floor one last time.
  • Artisan Hand Vacuum Shown Above.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast!


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