Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

dcenterpiece.jpgThanksgiving is probably the easiest of all holidays when it comes to decorating. No purchase necessary, simply gather things you have around the home, inside and out, for a natural, beautiful display. No need to go overboard like you might on Christmas, just a few touches on the mantel, entryway table and in the dining room are all you need for a cozy, homey feel.

To make, simply gather any of the materials below or substitute your own. Arrange on a wooden block or serving tray at the center of your dining room table for a quick boost of Thanksgiving decor and you’ll be a day ahead of the game!

  • Acorns – Easy to find outside your home or at the park. Fill a vase, bowl or mason jar with acorns and use with or without a candle.
  • Candles – Nothing new here, candles are a must-have for an elegant dining experience. Vary colors, heights and widths of several candles in the center of the table for a beautiful light show. Even if you just have a few tealights, placed in a mason jar and interspersed throughout your display they can be a beautiful, rustic Thanksgiving decoration.
  • Fresh Flowers – Flowers are not just for spring and summer, whatever is still in season can still make for an elegant table centerpiece.
  • Greenery and Branches – No flowers? Clip greenery of any type from the garden and incorporate taller bare branches for extra height and a fall-inspired display.
  • Fruit – Apples, pears, persimmons, bowls of deep red cranberries – there is no end to the possibilities when decorating with fruit!
  • Fabric – Drape fall colored fabrics over curtain rods in a swoop, or use down the center of the table over a white cloth as a table runner.
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