Bring Sanity to the Video Game Room


Whether your “Game Room” is a room all of its own, or simply a time slot in your family room, there are many ways to bring sanity and civility back to that space. It all starts with a game center, which works to keep games and equipment neat and tidy. Video game organizers make great gifts for kids and teens (while benefiting the grown-ups in the house at the same time).

Read on for our best picks to help you take back your family room!

Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand
If you are lucky enough to have a space just for gaming, you will need a place to put the TV (or monitor) as well! Choose from a wall mounted TV contraption or an all in one Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand like this – perfect for the corner of the basement or the kids room.

Opus Triple Timer
A timer doesn’t lie and lets kids monitor their own video game sharing tactics without your help. Shown: Opus Triple Timer.

Game Central
If you are sharing your family room with the kids as a video game center, you probably already have a mount or stand for your television. Add an easy to use video game organizer like this Game Central by Atlantic for cooperation in keeping things tidy.

Boomchair BRK with Bluetooth Technology
Video game chairs aren’t just for fun, they also serve the important purpose of protecting your grown-up furniture. (Ever see a kid sit still while gaming?) Our pick: The Boomchair BRK with Bluetooth Technology.

Smooff Kidzzz Portable Mattress
Great for sleepovers or simply as a place to crash after school for some screen time, the Smooff Kidzzz Portable Mattress folds up and tucks neatly into a closet or behind the sofa when not needed.


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