Holiday Party Must-Haves


Planning a shindig sometime this month? Now is the time to stock up on the best party gear, and we’re not just talking paper plates here. We have selected five timeless pieces that enhance any party whether your guests gather in the kitchen, living room or dining area!

Dig in!

3-Bowl Bamboo Entertaining Set
The 3-Bowl Bamboo Entertaining Set allows you to get creative with dips, sauces and their “vehicles” (bread, crackers, pita, etc). Set up a mini sandwich bar on this cutting board with mustard, mayonnaise and oil/vinegar in the bowls, and a selection of deli meats and tiny slices of artisan breads on the board itself so guests can play with flavors.

Copper Fondue Set
Fondue is easy, fun and a time-tested crowd-pleaser at any gathering! This Copper Fondue Set comes complete with color coded forks so guests don’t get mixed up. Play with fun flavors including liqueurs and wines to accent your cheeses.
You will be happy to have a Vintage Glass Jar Drink Dispenser around throughout the year for parties in the winter, summer, fall and spring! Drop in a few cranberries and add plenty of sweet beverages (sparkling wine, ginger ale, orange juice, etc) for a festive, yummy treat. Or keep it simple with water, mint sprigs and citrus slices.

Professional Warming Tray
This Professional Warming Tray is a wonderful addition to the hostess’ arsenal! Adjustable thermostat and a 20 x 14 surface make it a great choice for buffets anytime of year.

Dip Bowl Set
For a modern take on the classic holiday buffet, try a mixture of materials like this Dip Bowl Set which features white porcelain and stainless steel accents.

Happy Hosting!


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