Christmas Dinner Meal Shortcuts


Vintage Flatware SetEnjoy more time with family and keep things simple on Christmas with these meal shortcuts and tips from our kitchens:

  • Go with the casserole: A large casserole dish can feed 9-12 people with a main course. This can include everything from enchiladas and lasagne to your great Aunt’s famous chicken recipe.
  • Salads as sides: Not only is salad healthier than, say, mashed potatoes, it’s much easier to make, leaving your hands free for fun. To really save yourself some time, purchase a pre-made bagged salad that comes complete with toppings and dressing.
  • No Bake Zone: Christmas is not a day for baking in our house. It is a day for relaxing and grazing while we help the kids put together their new toys. Set up a dessert buffet in the afternoon with purchased pies, cookies and other seasonal treats like dates and ribbon candy.
  • Pods are your friends: Coffee Pods, that is. So that you don’t have to keep refilling the coffee maker all day, keep a selection of pods, cream and sugar handy on your buffet, right where guests can help themselves.
  • Cocktail/Mocktail Easy Bar: Avoid having a cooler of drinks and ice to deal with by using this minimalist bar approach: Serve just one Cocktail and one Mocktail, pre-made, with backup refills in the fridge. This way you don’t have to play bartender. Don’t forget to include water and coffee at your bar as well!
  • Appetizers Cheat Sheet: Fill pretty bowls with store bought dips and surround with crackers and veggies. Throw a few boxes of frozen appetizers into the toaster oven to round out your selection. That’s it!

  • Christmas should be as relaxing as possible. Leave all the complicated kitchen work for Thanksgiving!

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