What to do with all that Wrap?


This is the time of year when wrapping paper feels a little more like a nuisance and a little less like the symbol of joy it should represent. Whether your wrapping paper storage needs are great or small, we’ve got you covered with more than a handful of specially designed gift-wrap organizers.

Underbed Storage Container
In the Garage: A plastic storage box, like this Underbed Storage Container by Iris, is the way to go – offering moisture protection for year-round storage.

Gift Wrap Organizer
In the Closet: A popular place to store gift wrap, for sure! This hanging Gift Wrap Organizer hooks right over your closet rod for easy access any month of the year.

Holiday Red With Green Trim Underbed Gift Wrap Organizer
Under the Bed: Wrapping paper rolls are a natural fit underneath the bed. The Holiday Red With Green Trim Underbed Gift Wrap Organizer has a space for everything, from rolls to bows and even gift bags.

Wrapping Paper Cart
In the Craft Room or Office: This full size Wrapping Paper Cart is a wonderful investment, providing years of gift wrap storage. It can easily be shared with crafting supplies as well.


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