Winter Closet Cleanup


CedarStow Standard Suit Hanging StorageWinter is a great time to organize the closets! Don’t believe me? Here is why, and how:

Why: You are stuck inside anyway. Why not make the best of that time by getting control of those inside areas of the home that drive you nuts the rest of the year?

How: Before you start emptying out your closet, have a thorough look at what’s not working in there.
1. Pay special attention to sagging clothes rods, hangers popping out towards you, items falling on the floor.
2. Then, look carefully for wastes space and note it on a piece of paper.
**Commonly wasted spaces in the closet: Under the hanging garments that don’t reach the floor. Underneath long hang items. The backs of the doors. The corners and side walls.
3. Next, empty the closet. Sort everything according to use and season: Summer Tops, Winter Pants, etc.
4. Give away or sell anything you didn’t wear last year. Seriously.
5. Invest in out of season clothing storage boxes, like the CedarStow Standard Suit Hanging Storage which is great for hanging summer dresses with shorts and t shirts stacked neatly underneath. The cedar keeps moths at bay and in the summer, you can simply swap your summer wardrobe for winter gear!
6. Make sure you have the right tools.
**Top Closet Organizers: Double hang bars, shelf dividers, over the door shoe and accessory holders, tiered hangers for hanging multiple garments. These are the tools that smart closets use and they are all affordable investments in your sanity!

Dig in! You never know, you might just find a hidden treasure you’d forgotten about in there!


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