President’s Day Plans…Get Organized!


With a three-day weekend upon us, and the weather being unsuitable for outdoor play anyway, why not use this extra time to do a quick organizing job on those few hot spots around the house? Here is a list of the biggest clutter-complaint-filled areas of the home and some quick-fix organizing products to put to work for you this weekend!

Complaint: Entryway and Coat Closet Clutter.
Hi Lo Five Hook Coat Rack
Solution: An over the Door Hook Rack or Pocket Organizer, like the Hi Lo Five Hook Coat Rack, which staggers hooks high and low for space efficiency. Great for jackets, backpacks, purses and dog leashes. Also a big helper in the kids room.

Complaint: Cabinet Clutter in the Bathroom and Kitchen.
Over Door Organizer for Cabinets - Single Shelf
Solution: Utilize over the cabinet door organizers (just like over the door hooks but smaller) to add hidden storage: ideal for everything from cleaning solutions to toiletries and makeup.

Complaint: Bathroom Counters.
Rain Cosmetic Organizer
Solution 1: If your drawers are already full and you are forced to use that counter space, contain your toiletries and other supplies in divided baskets, like the Rain Cosmetic Organizer. Only allow daily-use items on the countertops. The rest of it must be stashed under the sink or in drawers.

GRiiPA Toothbrush Organizer
Solution 2: Get toothbrushes off the counter with a mirror mount GRiiPA Toothbrush Holder.

Complaint: Kids Room, Craft Room, Garage (everywhere else).
10 Drawer Mobile Organizer
Solution: Plastic Drawer Systems, like this 10 Drawer Mobile Organizer, are simply impossible to beat when it comes to their storage and organization power. They can be rolled from room to room and can hold almost any item around the home.

Now get out there and make the most of this 3-day weekend!


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