Product of the Week: Over the Door Baskets for EVERYTHING


Over the Door 6 Basket UnitWell, almost everything anyway! This week’s featured product is a new take on an old favorite: The Over the Door 6 Basket Unit by Neu Home – A simple over the door rack with baskets! We’ve all seen over the door shoe racks, accessory racks, pockets and coat racks, but it has been a while since I have come across one of the most versatile styles of OTD organizers: the type that simply offers baskets for storage on the back of the door. This handy helper (also available as a 4 basket unit) is a wonderful storage solution for pretty much any space. Here are some great ideas for putting this Over the Door Basket System to work around your home:

Bathroom: These baskets are just the right size for holding bath accessories, makeup, hair products and cleaning supplies. Ideal for bathrooms that are short on storage or shared living situations (that means you, roommates!), the back of the door is often the last place people think to look at when searching for extra storage in the bathroom.

Kids Room: Small toys, stuffed animals, clothing accessories – you name it, and this is a great place to put it in the kids room! Be aware that smaller children won’t be able to reach the upper baskets so that space should be reserved for mom and dad.

Bedroom: If your closet and dresser are simply overflowing, this easy storage fix provides a new home for scarves, socks, and personal items.

Pantry: A no-brainer, keep kitchen staples handy on this back of the door organizer. Thanks to open, airy baskets, it also makes a suitable choice for produce that does not need to be refrigerated, such as potatoes, onions and garlic.

Garage: While not suitable for very heavy tools, cleaning supplies and hand tools all can find a place on the back of your garage door in this rack!


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