Not Your Grandma’s Basket


While baskets may be one of the most versatile storage tools in your arsenal, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your modern style to reap the benefits! Neu Home has a wide selection of baskets that provide the same catch-all storage effect you are looking for around the home, but each boasts an updated style to match your contemporary lifestyle.

Modernize your home with one of these trend-forward storage baskets:

Riviere Trapezoid Basket
The Riviere Trapezoid Basket is ideal for rolled up hand towels, magazines and more. Made of wood and canvas.

Twist Slant Baskets - Set of 2
Ideal for the bathroom counter or office, this set of 2 Twist Slant Baskets blend two deep brown tones for a cohesive, elegant look.

Organize It All Devine Single Basket
The Organize It All Devine Single Basket is simply…divine! A great size for larger items such as towels and toys.

Jute Stackable Storage Box
The Jute Stackable Storage Box combines jute and faux leather for a truly contemporary look.

Water Hyacinth and Maize Braid Baskets
These Water Hyacinth and Maize Braid Baskets bridge old and new, with contemporary shapes and a traditional woven design.


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